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Nov 23, 2022
App Description
Modified Bussid Pick Up Mod

This Modified Bussid Pick Up Mod application contains various Modified Pickup Mods for BUSSID.

Pick Up is one type of pickup truck. The difference is, the pickup has a smaller size than the truck in general. Pick Up has a size that is no bigger than private cars such as Kijang, Avanza and the like.

With a smaller size makes the pickup more flexible to transport cargo to the narrow roads. It's no wonder that you can find this type of truck on the streets of Indonesia.

Why are so many interested in downloading the Mod Bussid Pick Up Mod? The reason is certain because there are many pick-up car designs that are now increasingly diverse.

Most of the mod files that are here are also full led, full strobe, rocking suspension, original suspension, under lights and full animation.

There are also several features in this application such as
- There are many busid mod files available
- Directly download the mod file in the application
- Search feature to find mods
- There is a guide for installing mod files
- Install directly to the bussid application for Android 10 and below
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